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Jesus’ Blueprint For Prayer
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Communicating with God is as important to your spiritual well-being as breathing is to your physical life. Discover how you can develop and maintain a meaningful prayer life with Haddon Robinson’s practical and insightful study of “The Lord’s Prayer” in Matthew 6. Get a better understanding and a new perspective of one of the most beloved passages of the New Testament.

Let’s Pray
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As much as we want to talk to God, sometimes it’s difficult to find words that express the emotions of our hearts. Author James Banks shares prayers from biblical characters to show us how we can use God’s own Word to talk to Him through every season of life. We are reminded that “He wants to bless us and draw us near with love that gives life to our souls,” and we’re encouraged to approach God just as we are with our praises and petitions.

When God Isn’t Answering Your Prayer: Psalm 77
VIEW PDF discovery-series/when-god-isnt-answering-your-prayer-psalm-77.pdf
Where is God when you need Him? Why isn’t He responding to your call? In an excerpt from his book Psalms: Folk Songs of Faith, author Ray Stedman shares insights from Psalm 77 to help those who are struggling with feelings of doubt and disappointment in God. Discover how you can persevere through the silence and allow God to bring you to a place of
unshakeable faith.

In His Presence: Spending Time With God
View PDF: discovery-series/in-his-presence.pdf
Sometimes the hectic demands on your day can crowd out your time with God. Find out how you can develop a regular time of Bible reading and prayer, as author Dennis Fisher offers a practical guide to help you keep your appointments with God. You’ll gain a fresh perspective on your quiet time as an opportunity to reconnect with the God of grace who is waiting to spend time with you.

Praying With Confidence: Overcoming Disappointment In Prayer
VIEW PDF: discovery-series/praying-with-confidence-overcoming-disappointment-in-prayer.pdf

Having a conversation with God can sometimes be a struggle, especially when you feel that He has let you down. Find out how you can get past the disappointment and regain your confidence in God, as author David Egner shares five basic principles of prayer. Discover how you can renew your sense of joy and trust in God when you use His Word as the basis for your prayer.

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