Being a Genius for Prayer

“So Moses went out from Pharaoh and entreated the Lord.”
“So Moses cried out to the Lord, saying, …”
“Then Moses returned to the Lord and said…” (Exodus 8;30; 17;4; 32:31).

“The man who led his people to salvation, and through whom the deliverances at the sea and in the wilderness were wrought, was himself a praying man. He lived and walked and talked with God as a friend. In that march, more celebrated than any other in history, in which he led an undisciplined horde through unparalleled difficulties to a splendid success, at every turn he called upon God. Next after our Lord’s intercessory prayer for His disciples, the grandest instance of that kind of petition the world ever saw came from the heart and lip of this man Moses. Every miracle of his is born in prayer. He is clearly the greatest genius of his time, and yet in nothing more remarkable than in what, if one may reverently say it, maybe called the genius for prayer. ” -D. W. Faunce

“How the world needs men today who shall be remarkable for the genius for prayer.” -Charles A. Cook

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